Many people come to us and are confused as to why they need to continue to update their social media and websites when they did so last month. It’s fairly simple, in this day and time, we are all about consuming information. The frequency in which you post to your website and social media is one of the key factors.

As a society in 2019, we live on our smartphones, consuming content and information. We don’t wake up to slapping our alarm clocks anymore, we use the alarm on our phones. From the moment we wake up, to the moment we go to bed, we have our phones on us, consuming information.

Think of the people you follow on Facebook or YouTube. You find yourself constantly clicking on their content because you’re interested in the information they give. As soon as they appear on your feed, you click on the post or the video because you want to consume that information.

Just like the people you follow, there are people out there waiting, or already, following you, wanting to consume the information you have. If you ask yourself, or someone looking at your social media or website, about your frequency and how often you should post information, the answer is always the same “more.” There is never a limit to how often you can post of publish information. You’ll never have the energy to annoy people. That line can never be hit.

The more frequency you have, the more trust you build. Consider mere exposure for a moment.  It says that the more we see something, the more trust we have. Think of Coca-Cola. They haven’t changed their logo in over 100 years and yet their logo is one you trust when looking for a refreshing beverage. It’s more than just a beverage, it’s a brand and has been successful for more than a century.

There are three main points to help increase your frequency:

1.Frequency builds trust, and trust builds people buying from you. Creating more content will bring more people to your product. Ensure that the content provides value. Before you post a video, blurb, or picture, ask yourself if it adds value to your product or brand.

2.Get in front of your people more.  More than just talking to your people on social media, start saying “yes” to everyone offline too. If someone asks to share your story to a group of people at a conference, say yes. When it comes to building your brand, getting exposure is one of the most important things you can do.

3.Build authority and things start falling into place. To become an authority you need to get in front of people; lots of people. You need to be the speaker, or teaching in front of a class or group. Once you have reached the level of “authority in your industry” people start knocking on your door. You become the person people want to come to when dealing with the service you provide.

Following these three points, you will find yourself in the position where you no longer have to make cold calls, or “beg” people to try your service or product. People will be coming to you, asking for your help and what it will cost. Increasing your frequency and establishing authority will put you back in the driver’s seat.

Once your authority is established and people don’t need to be convinced that your service or product is something that they can’t live without, you will find yourself more confident in terms or pricing your product or service.

Remember, in the absence of value, price is always an issue, but if you are the authority, you’re bringing value, therefore price becomes less of an issue.

When thinking about your frequency, and getting your brand and product out to the public, always remember: frequency builds authority; the authority adds to the trust, and the trust gets people to call you to hire you or buy your product. Build your frequency, and establish authority and people will start to come to you.