While SEO can be found naturally using keywords that fit with your topic, there are also hacks that can be used to boost your business. These hacks require knowledge of how Google and SEO work, and how to properly take advantage of them. Here are 3 hacks to consider for your business in 2022:

Hack 1

A tip for local businesses is to use a map imbed with compass directions. This makes it easier for potential customers to find your business. The easier and more efficient it is for people to find your business, the more likely they will come to your location and buy something.

Your map imbed can also contain detailed city descriptions along with your list of services. Wikipedia is a good source for city descriptions, and their descriptions can be reworded to add more keywords.

Hack 2

Go to Google maps to look for your service. You can search for yourself, or have family and friends search for you. Ideally, you want as many people searching for your business as possible. When someone searches for a service and location related to your business (web designers in Brantford, for example), you want your business to be in the top 3 search results. If you’re in the top 3, your business will immediately show up in results and users will have access to the directions button. This makes it as easy as possible for people to find your business.

If you are below the top 3, there is still hope. Look up directions to your business on the map and mark that you’ve reached your destination. This tells Google that you’ve looked up the business and travelled to its location. Get friends and family to do the same, and Google will think that many people have gone to your business for its services. This gives your business value to Google and will result in higher ranking on its search engine. If you have additional locations for your business, you can use this method multiple times.

Hack 3

Backlinks are helpful for providing pathways to your business. If you can’t find sites to link back to you, use natural ones. Social media platforms such as Facebook are effective for putting in backlinks to your businesses site. You can also post relevant questions in the comments section (“how to do this” in the area your city of service is in).

Another good source for backlinks is through content. Create content that your audience can engage with, and backlink it to your business. It is essential to understand what your customers are looking for, so the content can appeal to them and guide them to your website. While websites don’t drive sales, they validate your business and help build trust with audiences. if you are unable to write content at a consistent pace, hire someone to write the content for you.

Note: This article was created from a presentation given by Trevor Cherewka, at a LevelUp conference shown on YouTube.

Trevor Cherewka has been helping entrepreneurs and small business owners in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom since 2012. He is currently the president of Smashing Pixels Inc., a web and graphic design agency in Brantford, Ontario.

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