Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media has become an integral part of business and digital strategy. It not only gets you in front of potential customers, but helps you communicate and engage them while building your brand and creating leads for your business.

Too many businesses are putting social media marketing on the back burner, or give the responsibility to a random employee or a young niece or nephew. Social media strategies not only involve technical ability, but creativity, as well as business and marketing experience. Random posts on Facebook will simply not work anymore. Your social media strategy should be a part of a bigger marketing plan, including your website and all digital marketing efforts. This is where LevelUp Academy comes in.  We audit, analyze and strategize with you and your team to ensure you are getting the best results for your efforts.

At LevelUp Academy we create digital marketing strategies that bring people to your websites, grow your email list and engage your followers. Our strategy is the long term: build your online reputation and brand, deepening the relationships with your customers, and produce leads. Each strategy is unique and created specifically for your business.

Content creation has become a major player when it comes to brand building and advertising; the days of self-promotion are long gone. Two things social media is not: an informercial and a lecture. People desire value, not commercials. We will show you how to showcase your brand by growing authentic connections through your social media platforms and by creating content that offers value to those connections.

Social listening is also an important factor when it comes to digital advertising. LevelUp Academy will show you how to join in the conversations and engage with your customers, as well as join other conversations happening on social networks and bring you leads from different Facebook groups. This helps establish brand identity and awareness, and is also proven to bring forth leads, as well as drive people to you website.

There are billions of people on social networking sites, and simply put, this is where you need to be! Your potential clients and customers are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, are you? If not, get on it! We will help build as many bridges as possible to connect with your customers and create sales. Creating good content helps your customers search for you on social platforms, and also improves your Google rankings.

With the presence of active social networks, we will show you how to connect with the communities you want to reach. Social Media takes traditional advertising to the next level. It interacts and engages your target audience, as well as builds brand awareness. This is a necessary step towards the end goal: building your brand and leading people to your website. Let LevelUp Academy show you how to manage your social media platforms more efficiently so you get back to building your business.