One question that we hear a lot from clients is, “how do I get seen more often?” Building your brand and building your authority is very important when starting up a business and  increasing your brand awareness. With the world basically living online now, there are many ways to be seen by mass amounts of people. A digital marketing strategy is essential to have and content strategies are a key element. Valuable content is a great way to build your brand and increase your exposure.

If you have a website and are uploading a blog post once or twice a month, to keep up with your SEO and help send traffic to your website, that’s great. However, that is still depending on people to search for you. If you can get in front of as many people as possible so that they no longer need to search for you because they’ve seen you before, that’s even better. This is the goal of brand building.

Other than your website, there are many different platforms you can reach people on, including:





Guest blogging


Networking through word of mouth

Appearance on local radio and television


Email marketing

Guest Post

There are many different ways to get your name and brand out there, but why is it so important to be using more than the one that you’re accustomed to and are comfortable using consistently? If you are looking for more ways to reach customers, ease your way into one of the listed platforms, while continuing what you’re doing, and reap the benefits. Search engines, social media marketing, Facebook ad and public relations are a great way to increase your content exposure.

If you find success while using the new avenue, maybe add a little more time into posting on that platform, and you will be significantly rewarded. As with all businesses starting on a new platform, you won’t see huge numbers right off the bat. Don’t let that discourage you, because the number that is showing up is the number of people that have been looking for you and over time that number is sure to continue growing. The more streams of content you create, the more people you will reach. This is the key idea behind increasing content exposure.

Here are a few reasons why multiple streams of content are essential to grow and enhance your business.

1. Your customers may not use the same social media channels as you do. Find new avenues to get your product or service out there to the public and reach the clientele you wish to reach any way possible. If you’re an artist that wants to begin teaching beginners, not all of the customers you are looking for will be able to see the pictures you post on Instagram. Throw a few up on Facebook, or Twitter, and give more people the chance to view what you’ve done, and they will reach out to you. Don’t assume that just because you’re on one platform of social media, that everyone is using that same platform. A varied social media presence will help you build brand awareness and will help you reach the audience that is relevant to your business. Exposure on social media is key.

2. You don’t have a 100% engagement rate. Even if someone has liked your business page, especially on Facebook or Instagram, you have a five percent chance of your content being in front of them. Having more ways for people to find your content gives you a higher chance of the clients you want seeing or hearing about your service or product than you would if you solely relied on your website or Facebook. Exposure on social is important when it comes to a brands exposure.

Pro-Tip #1: Invest in paid advertising. On Facebook, for $5.00 a day, you can be sure to reach between 400 and 1,500 people with a single post. That’s at least 400 more people than the number you would have reached organically. Set aside a budget for your paid advertising to get more out of what you post. You can hit a targeted audience, which will increase traffic. Sponsored content and paid ads work wonders when it comes to conversion rates and marketing efforts. Your marketing campaigns will pay off!

3. You never know when a social media channel is going to fade away or phase out. Throughout the years, there have been many social media platforms that have come and gone. We never know which one is going to be next. If you are creating content on multiple platforms, you have a better chance of having your content still accessible to your potential clients.

Pro-Tip #2: Make sure that every post you create leads back to your website.

When you are starting to post on a new platform make sure that you are creating content tailored to your business. For instance, if you choose to use LinkedIn, fill everything out as it pertains to your company and what you can do to help your potential clients. They don’t want to click on your LinkedIn page and see your resume. Bottom line, as with all platforms, they only care about what you can do for them as opposed to just reading about who you are as a person.

Newsletters are a great way to not only reach out to people, but there are ways you can see just how many you are reaching. You can use third-party email for your newsletter. If you use MailChimp, you not only be able to see who has opened the email, but who have clicked on links to your business, which gives you the advantage by knowing who to send direct messages to and give them one-on-one business. Newsletters can inform about current promotions or be informative content.

When you post anywhere, make sure the address, phone number, and name of your business matches how Google sees it in their index. As people, we may know that the word “street” can be abbreviated to “st,” but Google may only see it one way or the other. Ensure that wherever you write your address on any social media platform, it is the same as it is indexed in Google.

The main idea is this: the more you maximize your content exposure on a regular basis, the more your increase your brands exposure. The more you content you create, either online on social media or in-person speaking to a group of people, the more you will be recognized, and your brand will be rewarded in terms of conversions and sales. There is never a limit on types of content and how much you can market your business.