Have you spent the last few years in debt? Are you looking to double or triple your revenue in a few short months? Would you be interested in not working harder or learning new information, but rather shifting your mindset? I’m going to suggest that many of us are on “autopilot”; accepting our role in life based on our upbringing, and not making an effort to change. I’m going to explain that your view of the world is based around your interactions. Once those experiences are built into you, they become facts. Your autopilot can be turned off by responding differently to events that happen to you, and changing your self-image through creative experiences.

What is Creative Experience?

A creative experience is a process of daydreaming, imagining and visualizing. Your self-image can be rewritten by telling yourself a story of a successful victory you remember having at some point in life. It doesn’t have to be major, just something that elicits positive and confident feelings. That is the amazing thing about how our minds work.

This process works because reliving the victory is a “synthetic experience” that the brain and nervous system cannot distinguish from a real experience. The positive feeling appears as real as it did when it first happened. This rewrites your brain for success by giving you an emotional source to latch onto.

Find an Emotional Goal

Imagine for yourself wanting something but it is so far away in the distance. Now imagine that thing you want slowly coming into view. Give yourself an emotional goal, no matter how unlikely it may be to achieve, is enough to cause a shift in your attitude. You will suddenly become far more successful, and your confidence can impress potential clients by calling them on the spot.

Just acting differently can lead to your debt erasing and your revenue increasing. From this experience, the importance of giving your brain an emotional goal, it gives something to work towards. The end result of the goal should be the focus, the “how to” will appear on its own.


Greatest Hits

You should have your own list of “greatest hits”: personal victories and emotional sources that you can use to improve your self-image. Your brain is a computer, it does what you program it to do. Playing positive memories in your mind can rewrite your brain to think positively about yourself and your goals.

However, your mindset will not just change overnight. You need to constantly work on getting your mind off of autopilot. True success is going from failure or failure without loss of enthusiasm. The only real failure is quitting your goal.

Note: This article was created from the conference Achiever II, and is rewritten from the speech given by John Nemo.

John Nemo owns his own independent sales business, and since his success has given speeches about how to increase revenue through improved self-image.