The perfect customer. That is what we, as business people, need to focus more on. We ask all new clients when we start working with them who their perfect customer is, and they usually give us the same answer, “everyone.” Now, their product may be available to everyone, but that does not mean that everyone is their client.

To maximize your marketing dollars, you need to focus on and talk to a specific clientele. Remember, if you are not talking to one, then you are talking to no one. You do this by analyzing the specific details of your client list. Once you have analyzed this data, you need to determine what traits they all share. These traits become the foundation of your perfect customer persona. Once you create your perfect customer persona, you want to start aiming all marketing and communications at them.

Here are a few steps to help you create your perfect client.

First, analyze the basic info of your clients. You will want to create a list that captures their age, language, gender, geography, salary, marital status, job title, and education.

Next, you need to understand your client’s pain points and what your solution is for them. Why are they coming to you? What problem are you solving for them?

Lastly, you will need to know the objections your clients may have and what their budget is.

Pro Tip 1 – You may want to give your prospect a name. It will make it easier for you rather than just looking at a list of traits.

Now that you have an idea of who your perfect customer is you can start writing or advertising to them. Remember, you will be writing specifically to one customer.

When writing a post or advertisement, you want to write in a way that is relatable to the person reading it. This way, the reader has an experience that you are writing directly to them. They realize that you understand their pain points, and trust is starting to build between you and the reader. This is the power of writing to one person.

Stop wasting time and money writing copy to reach everybody. You want to ensure that you are writing specifically for the customers you know will reach out and have higher odds of using your service or purchasing your product.

Ensure that you have the perfect message for the perfect customer and get in front of them as frequently as possible.

Pro Tip 2 – Write with emotion. Logic makes people think; emotion makes people act.

Finally, stop paying too much attention to the numbers. In days gone by we were addicted to the number and focussed too much on how many people were seeing our stuff, liking it, viewing it, etc. This attention to numbers caused mass hysteria if you didn’t hit the numbers that others were. The value is not in the number of people who see your message but rather in the value of the people who see it. Regardless of the number of people who reach out to you from your marketing, give those people your best, that number will only grow.