Now that you have established your brand, here are some tips on what to do (or not do) to strengthen it:

Demonstration in building your brand

Many people have great products and services, but their potential customers are unaware of them. One of the best ways to build a brand and have great marketing is to demonstrate you are good at what you do. You can do this by honouring customers with enough respect to work on your craft. A problem many people make is not trying to become any more skilled at what they do. Honing your skills will build affinity with your customers, and allow you to plan for a worst case scenario if mistakes happen.

Consider branding implications

We often market in a way that does not consider branding implications. I once subscribed to a company, and was immediately given a $500 discount on a product. This may be an effort for the company to look generous, but it instead framed their products as extremely expensive.

It’s also important to consider the customers experience. I once visited a restaurant, and the chef was outside, shirtless and smoking. At that point it wouldn’t matter how good the food was, my image of the business was tarnished. The chef may have been on a break, but you must always be aware of how people will perceive your business based on how you present yourself.

Don’t prevent your own success

Competition between brands is not getting easier, and will only get worse over time. You must ask yourself if you’re prepared for that, and how you will handle setbacks. There will be struggle in building your business and brand, but do not wallow in your failure. The victim mentality will always prevent you from success. If you are going through a rough time, figure out what to do next instead of feeling sorry for yourself.

Accept you will make mistakes

Some people are so afraid to make mistakes that their brand and business will never take off. No matter what your brand is, you must accept that things will always go badly when you’re just starting out. You have to get through the first bad videos or terrible podcasts, because that’s the only way to practice and learn enough to expand your skills.

Once your brand is established, you also need to be okay with making brand mistakes. Too many people are overly protective with their brand. Being afraid to mess up will limit what you can do with your brand in the long run. Focus on building trust with your audience. If you build enough trust, people will forgive your mistakes.

Be authentic after your mistake

Another way to recover from mistakes is to maintain the authenticity of your branding. If the mistakes align with your brand and are owned up to, your audience will be far more forgiving. Make sure to appear sorry for what you did, not sorry that you got caught. Our society loves to tear down a hero and build them back up. As long as you are authentic with your established brand, your audience will want to build you up after your mistake.

Note: This article was created from the conference Achiever II, and is rewritten from the speech given by John Morgan.

After building and selling a successful John Morgan became the founder of ACHIEVR, a company that provides coaching for entrepreneurs and leaders. He currently runs the ACHIEVR Tribe group coaching program and acts as a mentor to select entrepreneurs.

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