There is more to a business profile than just telling people what your product is and where they can get it. You need to find a way to make your business as visible as possible, and stand out among your competition. There are certain functions on Google that can be utilized to help boost your profile. Here are some tips on how to use them:


A local justification is an extra line of text that Google can display on listings in local packs and Google Maps for free. This text can signal to Google searchers that a feature of your business specifically matches their search intent. Justifications can include posts, services and advertisements. You want your business to stand out in a large field of options, and this specificity is a great way to bring your intended audience to your business.

Justifications can come from reviews as well, if the reviewer mentions the right aspects of your business. Obviously, you can’t tell a reviewer what to write, but you can ask for a specific topic you want reviewed. Justifications can make or break your success, so don’t ignore them. Without justifications, people don’t have access to your content, or a reason to trust you.

Google reviews

Google reviews are not only a form of justification; they can also be a ranking boost for your profile. These rankings can act as a positive signal to potential customers. Google reviews appear as a 3 pack on search results and add signals once clicked. This gives the positive rankings visibility to people who search your business.

Many of us trust reviews, even if we don’t know the person. These reviews can help add legitimacy to your business. Google also looks at reviews as way of answering the search, if the reviews answer the searchers question.

Customer replies

Many people don’t know how to communicate with customers, but the best way is to just treat them like people. Talk to them like a friend, and the interaction will feel far more natural. When customers interact with you through reviews, don’t ignore them. Respond to positive customers as soon as possible. Google tracks customer interaction and notices when reviews are ignored, so be sure to respond within a day.

Don’t ignore negative reviews either. When you receive a negative review, take the conversation offline as quickly as possible and make sure the customer is taken care of and satisfied. If the customer’s problems are addressed, this can lead to the review being removed or changed. If you don’t acknowledge a negative review, it will just stay visible to everyone who visits your profile. Showing engagement with customers will increase positive reviews and ultimately boost your profile.

Note: This article was created from a presentation given by David Hills, at a LevelUp conference shown on YouTube.

David Hills has worked in social media for over 8 years, including platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. After his friend’s business struggled, Hills was able to help him by utilizing GMB to get his company exposure. Hills now advises small business on why GMB is important and how to fully capitalize on it.