Many marketing businesses struggle because they lack content and communication with their audiences. While it’s important to have a large enough customer base, people tend to ignore maintaining their relationships with current customers. Here are 3 strategies to increase your business through improved customer communication:

1. Increase transactions, increase frequency, or make more sales

When the pandemic started, many professional speakers quit. They thought their job became irrelevant in a time when no one could meet in groups. However, those who stayed consistent ultimately won. When the pandemic started, I stood out by promising 3 times more content than before and following through.

This applies to marketing as well. Don’t use circumstances as an excuse; find a way to market to your customers in any situation. It’s not just audiences that have fallen asleep, marketers have as well. If you want to increase transactions or frequency of your transactions, you need to show how you stand apart from the inactive marketers you’re competing with.

2. Increase how frequently someone buys from you

Instead of focusing on finding new customers, you can also find ways to entice your previous customers to buy from you again. One of the best ways to get repeat customers is to build trust with them. I always suggest bringing the conversation with customers away from public forums and into private messages.

This allows you to create a more personal space with the customer and understand what they really want. You can talk to the customer like a person, which lets them see you as a person and not a marketer. It also lets you filter out people you’re not able to connect to and wouldn’t get sales from anyway.

3. Charge more, or make more per transaction

Another option is to charge more money so each transaction will gain more profit. Many marketers focus on making more sales by increasing their customer base, but making more per transaction requires loyal customers. It’s much easier to sell to customers you have already built trust with, so focusing on personal relationships with current customers can provide far more opportunities than constantly trying to reach new ones.

Just recently I cleared a large portion of my contact list. This may seem like an odd choice for a marketer, but I only want to give my attention to people I can effectively communicate with. Instead of trying to scale your customers, get dedicated followers that will pay more for your products.

Note: This article was created from the conference Achiever II, and is rewritten from the speech given by John Morgan.

After building and selling a successful real estate business, John Morgan became the founder of ACHIEVR: a company that provides coaching for entrepreneurs and leaders. He currently runs the ACHIEVR Tribe group coaching program and acts as a mentor to select entrepreneurs.